Company Profile/Staff Introduction

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▶︎ Company Profile

Company Name Esprit Golf Inc.
Established January 15, 2007
 Registration Number Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agency No. 1831 
Capital 62 million yen
President Masako Takei
General Travel Service Manager Masako Takei
Headquarters 〒180-0022 Headquarters Office 302 YM Square, 2-2-14 Sakai, Musashino City, Tokyo, Japan
Contact PHONE : 0422-38-4822 / XEROX: 0422-38-4844
Business Hours 10:00-19:00 (Monday-Friday)
Domain Overseas Travel, Domestic Travel, & Travel Insurance
Association All Japan Association of Travel Agents (ANTA)

▶︎ Trading Banks

MUFG Bank Sawayaka Shinkin Bank Tama Shinkin Bank

▶︎ Services

☑️ Golf Travel Division; Planning and implementation of golf travel tours

☑️ General Travel Business Department; Travel planning for general groups. Arrangements for chartered buses, hot springs, and hotels

☑️ Esprit Club Division; Planning and implementation of open competitions and party events

☑️ English Learning; Overseas study support and English conversation lesson business

☑️ Expertise Education; An International and Domestic flight training center, approved by the FAA as an FAA Part 141 and Part 61 Flight School, Sierra Academy of Aeronautics’s sole agent in Japan



We want as many people as possible to experience the joy of playing rounds of famous courses in Japan, playing golf overseas, and traveling. I hope that even if it's just a small part of your life, you will feel rich in your heart, and I hope that it will help you live a more civilized and humane life. We will introduce experts who understand this corporate philosophy and are familiar with each area full of sincerity and smiles. All of them are reliable staff who have experienced the harshness of life, happiness, and events that human beings cannot comprehend, either by chance or inevitability. We are looking forward to being able to support your golf trip from the bottom of our hearts.

“I would like to continue to be a presence like a magic carpet, who will always be by your side, from planning golf trip plans to accompanying group tours, which will remain in the hearts of our customers forever.”

MASAKO TakeiFounder & President
Pursuing Happy Golfing Travel to Every Customer.

Dear Customers,

I would like to express my gratitude on your continued support.
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support for the services provided by our company, Esprit Golf.
Esprit Golf is a travel agency that gives shape to the curiosity of travel with new ideas, without being bound by conventional travel styles. We hope to be of use to you with our golfer’s perspective and planning ability. In addition, we are also focusing on making friends who enjoy golf life together, and we are trying to create events and tours that even single participants can participate in with peace of mind, with the motto “A good golf trip, good friends”. increase. It would be our great pleasure if Esprit Golf could help you create unforgettable memories in your golf life.
This is our 17th year. Never forgetting our original intentions, we are a 17-year-old start-up with the ambition and spirit in our hearts, and in order to make the golf life of our customers even more wonderful, Esprit Golf will always continue to be close to our customers.

Thank you for your continued support.

Esprit Golf staff


We would like to continue to carve a wonderful history through golf trips with our customers.


2022 - Present

In 2023, we will develop E_EGOSS, our first online shopping site for wealthy people. We have completed the renewal of our website to further improve customer convenience. In addition, we are progressing toward the realization of new golf projects one after another, and it is expected to be a very exciting year. We would like to continue to carve a wonderful history through golf trips with our customers.



Japan’s Best Outbound Golf Tour Operator 2021
Japan’s Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator 2021



Japan’s Best Outbound Golf Tour Operator 2020
Japan’s Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator 2020



Japan’s Best Outbound Golf Tour Operator 2019



Japan’s Best Outbound Golf Tour Operator 2018



Japan’s Best Outbound Golf Tour Operator 2017



Japan’s Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator 2014



A member of the All Japan Travel Agents Association, JGRA All Japan Driving Range Federation SM, Japan Golf Tourism Promotion Association, and International Golf Tour Operators Association.


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