NOB Katsuragawa

Inbound / Sales Representative

▶ Biography

He has a long experience of being stationed in the United States, Italy, and Germany as a local representative of a major Japanese company. He has also traveled to 15 countries in Europe, 6 countries in Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mexico, and has experience as an ECC instructor.

Currently, I am in charge of the inbound business at Esprit Golf, but even in outbound, the coordination performance that makes use of my rich experience background is to follow up firmly while keeping the customer’s heart soft. charm.

He has extensive and long-term experience in daily life and work in the three countries of Germany, Italy, and the United States, and is familiar with the culture, customs, and sense of life in those countries. In addition, he has more than 50 rounds of golf in Germany in the above regions, more than 30 rounds in San Jose and Monterey in the United States, and more than 30 rounds in Lombardy, Italy. have experience. Impressions of golf courses in Japan and overseas are worth listening to.

In addition to golf, fishing with friends is one of his hobbies. He is known for being quite a friend-fishing expert.
Shizuoka Sakawa River Kano River
Gifu, Nagara River, Yoshida River, Kiso River, Tsukechi River, Hida River, Maze River
Fukui Kuzuryugawa Wakasa Minamigawa
Kyoto Kamikatsura River
Kochi Shimanto River   
Tokyo Tamagawa, Akigawa
And so on. Its dignified back is reminiscent of “Ayukawa Gyoshin” that appears in “Tsurikichi Sanpei”.

▶ Chronology

Joined Esprit Golf. he is up to now.
2022 and before
In addition to working as an English teacher at ECC, he has extensive experience working in Europe and traveling to Southeast Asian countries.

▶ Skills

Communication Skillsets95%
Worldwide Golf Round Experience85%
Ovrseas Life Experience80%
Live Decoy Fishing Skills100%