Greetings To All I Am In Love With.

A Message from A Founder & President

Until now and now my thoughts. 

  Golf is a sport that allows you to share time and emotions with your loved ones while surrounded by beautiful nature.
  Or, while sharing time together, even if you meet someone for the first time, you will soon become friends. Golf is a wonderful sport that has a mysterious magic that brings together golf lovers. When golf lovers spend a day playing golf together and having fun together, they become friends in no time. Furthermore, it is said that “there are no national borders in sports and arts”, and that is exactly the case. If you do, you will understand immediately.
More to the point, I’ve played many sports in the past, but I don’t know of any other sport where men and women of all ages can compete equally as well as golf. Golfers of all ages can enjoy themselves together. Also, is there any other sport in which the elderly can beat the young, the women beat the men, and the children beat the adults in the same arena?
  Time is equally given to us at the same tempo. He interprets “golf” as a means to share the joy of the limited time he can freely use with his friends and loved ones. If we add the option of “overseas” for hobbies and pleasures to that shared value, how many stimulating memories can we create? I think it’s a wonderful value to be able to jump out of the familiar Japan and be able to share precious time with each other overseas where everything you see and touch is stimulating.

After 3 years of pandemic, I feel the value more and more.

  With our flexible ideas and ability to take action, we will continue to drive our customers’ curiosity about golf trips and deliver new forms of travel services that bring out more fun and charm. From planning golf trip plans to accompanying group tours, we would like to continue to be like a magic carpet, who gently exists by our customers’ hearts forever.
  Until now and in the future, we will continue to stay close to our customers. We will continue to strengthen our corporate structure and promote management that meets the needs of the times so that we can contribute to the creation of unforgettable memories through golf trips in Japan and overseas and the improvement of Q.O.L. increase.

We would like to ask for your continued guidance and encouragement, and thank you for your continued patronage.

Founder & President