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Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Q.Can I request materials such as pamphlets?

A.We have a pamphlet. Please make a request by telephone or inquiry form.

Q.Do you have pamphlets for golf courses and hotels?

A.We don’t have pamphlets for each facility because it is a prestigious overseas course and a membership hotel. Please contact us for our brochures.

Q.Can I make a reservation for a group or group?

A.We accept requests for two or dozens of people. We accept tours from 1 person.

Q.Please let me know the additional charge if the number of people is 3 or more.

A.The price will vary depending on the date of departure and the content of the trip, so we cannot give you a general price.

3 people than for 2 people . The more prestigious the course , the more difficult it is to have 2 Sams .

Q.Is there a discount depending on the number of people?

A.There is a discount. If you have a large number of people, you can get a more discount because the local pick-up car and guide will be divided by the number of people.

Q.Is there a plan for 1 or 2 people to participate?

1 person, 2 people. Please refer to the page of each plan.

2 people, for example, in the case of a Jeju Island golf tour, staying at Podo Hotel and staying at Pinks for 2 Sams is a very popular plan. Jeju Island Golf Tour is available all year round, so please feel free to contact us.

one person, you can join our recruitment tour and enjoy playing on a prestigious course in combination with the same participant .

Q.Is it possible to arrange a plan that shortens or extends the schedule?

  1. Please contact us regarding scheduling. We will plan according to your wishes as much as possible.

For example, for Jeju Island, the basic duration is 3 days, and for Malaysia, the duration is 6 days, but we will plan according to your wishes, such as shortening or extending.


Q.Could you make a plan with a budget of XX million?

A.Please indicate your budget when making an inquiry. We will guide you according to your budget.

If you can provide us with a budget of XX million yen when you contact us, we will guide you based on your budget.

We will contact you if we are unable to meet your request.

Q.Can you provide an estimate for options, golf course changes, sightseeing plans, etc.?

  1. Yes. For golf, it is a 2- round pack. There is no price change for golf course changes. Sightseeing can be added as an option if you have a day or a half day, or if there are areas you want to visit.

Q.Is it possible to make a plan to depart from other than Narita Airport such as Chubu Centrair International Airport?

  1. Depending on the plan, you can depart from airports other than Narita Airport. Please contact us for more information. For example, in the case of direct flights to Jeju Island, Kansai International Airport (daily), Chubu (several flights per week), and Fukuoka (several flights per week) are available in addition to Narita Airport.

Q.I have already booked the flight ticket, so can you arrange the hotel and golf course for me?

A.As a general rule, the package includes air ticket, hotel, golf course, courtesy car, and Japanese speaking guide .

We manage the entire process, so after consulting with you about your various requests, most people apply as a package.

In the case of a package, it will be cheaper than if you book each separately, but if you have miles and would like to book your own flight tickets, please contact us.

Q.Is there a plan to stay at partner hotels of airlines?

A.There is no partner hotel plan for airlines. We have selected the best hotels for you. Thank you for your understanding.

Q.Is there a golf course that even beginners can enjoy?

A.There is a course that is friendly to beginners. There are relatively easy courses and difficult courses, so if you tell us your preference, we will select it.

Q.Is it possible to organize a plan in which people who play golf and people who are just sightseeing can participate together?

  1. Yes. We often receive requests for plans such as sightseeing or esthetics visits while golfers are playing a round, so please contact us.

Q.Please let me know the detailed price of Jeju Island Premium Golf Tour

A.The price varies depending on the departure date and the contents of the trip, so please contact us for details. If you tell us the departure date, the nearest airport in Japan , the number of people, the number of rounds, and your preferred hotel, we will make a plan.

3 people than for 2 people . The more prestigious the course , the more difficult it is to have 2 Sams .


Q.Please tell me the availability of golf courses and hotels.

A.If you have time, we can answer the availability. As for the golf course, because it is a prestigious course, even if you make an entry two months in advance, you may receive a response within one month . The flight and hotel reservations are made first, and the golf course is the last reservation. The hotel will be able to answer the availability if you give us some time .