~Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE course that cannot be played by the general public~

A guide to traveling to the super prestigious trip in Jeju Island, South Korea.

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Jeju Island Super Prestigious Golf Trip

Jeju Island in South Korea, the closest overseas golf paradise from Japan. About 2 hours flight from Narita Airport or Kansai Airport to Jeju International Airport. It is a premium golf trip where you stay at a luxury hotel, Podo Hotel, which has a wide variety of dining options and high-quality natural hot spring water in all guest rooms, and play a round on a prestigious course.

〜Limited Number of Groups〜

A Special Golf Ttip to South Korea

Esprit Golf recommends the famous courses “Blackstone Country Club”, “Elysian Country Club”, “Arden Hill Golf Resort”, and “Pinks Golf Club”, which was selected as one of the top 100 in the world, where only selected ones can play. You can enjoy playing.

A close and safe resort floating in the south of Korea

Safe and Fun even for first-timers

Known as the Hawaii of the Orient, it has a warm climate, a variety of delicious cuisine centered on seafood, and warm people brought up by the climate of an island. In addition to the three mysterious world natural heritage sites, it is also a hot topic as a filming location for the Korean drama “Taio Shijinki”. In addition to enjoying various activities such as golf, casinos, beauty salons, Jeju’s culture is different from mainland Korea.

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