TACK Iwadate

Travel Division Manager

▶ Skills

Travel Agent Operation Skillsets95%
Obsession with Golf 90%
Volleyball Coaching Experience100%

TACK Iwadate

Government Ministry `s Operation

◆ Hobbies: Golf (PGM Chotaro Country)
◆ Special Skill: Volleyball / Current Edogawa Ward Household Women’s Volleyball Division 3 Central Club Manager
◆ Qualifications General travel business handling manager / real estate broker / small boat pilot 2nd class / casualty insurance / life insurance recruiting general qualification / large car driver’s license

His trained log-like soleus muscles, as well as his thick deltoid muscles, which he has worked as a volleyball coach for many years, have accumulated responsibilities and achievements. Even veteran players are said to be afraid. The figure that shoots a ball that looks like it’s crushed is exactly a demon god.

▶ Career path:
Overseas Travel Development Co., Ltd. International Travel Department Joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, JICA Government Office Sales
Higashidaka House Co., Ltd. Planning and Development Department Joined (French Bordeaux Wine Business, Brisbane Tower Condominium Development, etc.)
Joined Nippon Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Head Office Sales Department 1 Department Preparation for in-house agent
Nippo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Transferred Travel Division Established Nippo Travel
Due to the merger, he became Sompo Corporate Service Co., Ltd.
Sompo Travel General Manager of Travel Business Department Sompo Japan Overseas Business/Governmental Offices Official Overseas Business Trips
Joined Esprit Golf. Up to now.

Graduated from Nihon University Daiichi High School / Nihon University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
Belonged to the volleyball club from junior high school to university


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