MASHIE Shibayama

Sales Representative

▶︎ Philosophy

Regarding travel, he has conquered all prefectures in Japan and has traveled to nearly 40 countries abroad. He especially likes Italy, and enjoys wine and eats pasta from the north to the south and neighboring islands. The number one tourist attraction in the world is the Canadian Rockies or Hallstatt.

As for golf, his skill is still on the way, and he has used countless drivers. He likes playing golf alone with his caddy at an overseas resort.


▶︎ Chronology

I joined last year after working at a long-established marketing company, a major trading company, an IT company, and entrepreneurship and company management. He plays guitar, he camps and travels the world, he is a golfer and a businessman.

A person with a wealth of experience in business. Vishnu, who is said to have 10 incarnations, pursues the joy of life with his unparalleled skills. Among them, guitar performance has the ability to develop on-stage by himself. He has a deep knowledge of guitars and has a large collection of guitars.

▶ Skills

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