– Travel Consultation Contract Section

Travel Consultation Contract Section

Chapter 1 General Provisions

(Scope of application)

Article 1 _

  1. The travel consultation contract concluded between the Company and the traveler shall be subject to the provisions of this Agreement . Matters not stipulated in this contract shall be governed by laws and ordinances or generally established customs.
2. If the Company concludes a special agreement in writing to the extent that it does not violate the law and is not disadvantageous to travelers, that special agreement will take precedence regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph .

(Definition of Travel Consultation Contract)

Article 2 _

In this agreement, a “Travel Consultation Contract” means that the Company agrees to receive a travel business handling fee for consultation (hereinafter referred to as “consultation fee”), and entrusts the traveler with the following services: A contract undertaking to do something.

(1) Necessary advice for travelers to prepare travel plans
(2) Creating a travel plan
(3) Estimation of expenses necessary for travel
(4) Provision of information on travel destinations and transportation/accommodation facilities, etc.
(5) Providing other advice and information necessary for travel

(Establishment of contract)

Article 3 _

  1. A traveler who intends to conclude a travel consultation contract with us must submit an application form with the prescribed items filled in to our company .
2. A travel consultation contract shall be concluded when the Company accepts the conclusion of the contract and receives the application form set forth in the preceding paragraph .
3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, the Company may accept applications for a travel consultation contract by telephone, mail, facsimile, or other means of communication without receiving the application form . In this case, the travel consultation contract shall be concluded when the Company accepts the conclusion of the contract.
4. When it is convenient for business, or when the traveler’s consultation contents are against public order and morals, or when there is a risk of violating the laws and regulations in force at the travel destination, we will not conclude a travel consultation contract. I may not respond .

(consultation fee)


Article 4 _

the Company has carried out the work listed in Article 2 , the traveler must pay the Company’s prescribed consultation fee to the Company by the date specified by the Company.

(Responsibility of our company)

Article 5 _

  1. In the course of fulfilling the travel consultation contract, if we cause damage to the traveler intentionally or negligently, we will be responsible for compensating for the damage. However, this is limited to when the Company is notified within six months from the day following the occurrence of the damage.
2. The Company does not guarantee that it will be possible to actually arrange the transportation and accommodation facilities, etc. listed in the travel plan prepared by the Company . therefore, The Company shall not be held responsible for the failure to conclude a contract with a transportation/accommodation facility, etc. to provide transportation, accommodation, or other travel-related services provided by such facility due to reasons such as full occupancy.

(Complaint submission)

Article 6 _

Travelers may apply to the following associations for assistance in resolving complaints regarding the Company and the travel business if the parties are unable to resolve the complaints.

given name National Association of Travel Agents
Location Nakaba Building 8F , 3-22 Ichigayahonmachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Talk (03) 5261-5311


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