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Pebble Beach Prestigious Golf Tour 2015
April 13 (Monday) to 28 (Saturday), 2015
After watching the impressive Masters, play a super prestigious course by yourself. After all Pebble Beach is a good course no matter how many times you come. For those who are not satisfied with the classic Pebble Beach, the 2016 U.S. Women’s Open is scheduled to be held ・Enjoy golf and wine at the prestigious course “Cord Vale Golf Club” in the winery, and even more so that you can not go around normally Play private courses as well (changes every time). Custom orders are available all year round!
Masters Watching & Golf Tour 2015
April 7 (Tue) – 12 (Sun) & April 10 (Fri) – 14 (Tue), 2015
In this year’s Masters watching tour (first half), I experienced first-hand how Tiger Woods participated in a par 3 contest with his children and had a blast. Impressed to be seen up close! You can take pictures during the practice round, so enjoy watching the game. On Thursday, I lined up in front of the gate early in the morning to see the first pitch on the front row and got the front row! Everyone was very excited to be able to watch the moving opening ceremony from the best position. It seems that some of the customers were also seen on TV, making it a good memory. In contrast to the practice round, each player seriously watched the match. In the second half of the spectator tour, watching the final round was even more tense. Who will get the green jacket! ? This year, Jordan Spieth was running alone and there was no change, but Matsuyama did his best and Tiger came back, so I really enjoyed the lively tournament.
Myanmar Prestigious Golf Tour 2015
November 21 (Friday) to 25 (Tuesday), 2014
The first Myanmar tour was implemented from the customer’s voice, “Make a tour of Myanmar.” Experience golf and culture in Myanmar, a unique country that protects its own culture while being a rapidly growing country that is attracting the world’s attention. After a round of Myanmar’s top 2 courses, after golf, such as visiting ruins and watching ethnic dances, and the built-in meal was highly praised for being the most delicious. Please look forward to the upgraded tour!

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